Beginners Piano Lessons


Knowing the Keyboard, the Piano, the Pedals and the Magic Sound

Begin with black keys, two- and three- black key groups, find out the pattern

Two black keys, learn C-D-E, middle C

Combining with the three black keys, to learn C-B-A, E-F-G

Familiar with A-G, play quiz/game

Fingering of each hand, hand position, sitting position, etc

Foundation is very important!

Intermediate Piano Lessons

Elementary School

  • Build good foundation, pianistic skills, finger independence and power

  • Improve sight-reading skills, musicianship

  • Learn how to listen, and how to perform well 

  • Inspire the students to achieve a higher standard of music making

  • Encourage the students for piano exams, performances, etc

  • Challenge the students for competitions, more advanced repertoire, possibly apply for conservatory's pre-college programs

Advanced Piano Lessons


  • For students in their middle/high school, efficient practice and tailored repertoire are essential

  • One of the goal is to maintain the students' playing abilities, and improve their taste and musicianship

  • For advanced students who are in pre-college, probably pursuing music as a major and career. I will help them have a good preparation before each lesson, and understand professor's instruction

  • For advanced students who will not study piano as a major, I encourage them to have a recording for college application, to play for people who loves music as a volunteer.

  • Double majors, double degrees, major-minor, are always possible and wonderful choices!