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Beginners Piano Lessons

First Few Years

  • Interests of playing the piano

  • Composing music is fun!

  • Sight-reading is important

  • Singing and Aural Skills

  • Sound quality and relaxed playing

  • "Good" Foundation of playing: hand position, finger techniques, etc

  • Music theory

Intermediate Piano Lessons

Next Stage

  • Build finger independence and power, pianistic skills, etc

  • Improve musicianship

  • Listen and search for good sound

  • Stage presence, memorization and perform skills

  • Inspire the students to achieve a higher standard of music making

  • Encourage students for wide-range of repertoire, performances, etc

  • Challenge students for piano exams, competitions, including to prepare for conservatory's pre-college programs

Advanced Piano Lessons


  • Efficient practice methods and tailored repertoire are essential

  • Maintain the students' playing abilities, and improve their taste and musicianship

  • For advanced students who may be probably pursuing music as a major and career, helpful resources and connections with be provided

  • For advanced students who applies for universities, a recording and other materials is helpful for college application.

  • Double majors, double degrees, major-minor, are always possible and wonderful choices!

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